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Kozmic Fuel Pump Kit for EvoX and RA - Walbro 255 or Walbro 450
Part #: K27 X FPK
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Product Overview
Fuel Pump Kit for EvoX and RA - Walbro 255 or Walbro 450

Time for more fuel? Look no further than the new K27 Fuel Pump Kit!

Our mission on this product was simple - Quality and Performance. This kit will allow you to install your choice of fuel pump in place of the OEM pump on the EvoX or Ralliart with no modification. Just check out or key features below and you will know this is the kit for you. These kits can be used with any fuel of your choice, choose your Fuel pump options above.


Billet Aluminum Pump Holder - Anodized to be ALL FUELS SAFE (Including Methanol and Ethanol).
Precision CNC Cut for perfect fitment.
High quality stainless hardware.
Exact OE Fitment - No basket modification needed.
Indication Arrow for fuel pump orientation, no guess work needed.
Available without fuel pump for those wanting to run other popular pumps on the market (Aeromotive, AEM, DW, Etc)
What Pump Should I Choose??? - In our book, there is really only 2 reliable options.

Walbro 255:

Great for 93 Octane applications when running less than 500hp.
Known here as "Old Reliable", they have the lowest failure rate of any fuel pump we have ever used.
Perfect for E85 applications on stock turbo, or larger turbos.
Walbro 450:

Simply put, when you need more than the 255 can bring - this pump is for you.
Works great with 93 octane or E85.
Stable at high PSI, meaning with a adjustable regulator, you can squeeze all that is possible from a slightly too small set of injectors you need to upgrade!
Fuel pressure gauge is recommended. Due to this pumps higher flow ratings, signs of restricted or dirty return filters may show with elevated base pressure.

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